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VEX - delete by attribute


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I've created primitive attributes on most of the pieces of my model. So when it comes to fracturing I can split the geo very fast by attribute.


I think it needs to be done in delete SOP, primitives entity, expression or pattern, maybe a foreach. But I'm not sure what is the expression that I need to do that. I tried to set each attribute some value and then use this:

@myAttribute > 0

But It does not work and I know why. I think I need sth like:

if (currentAttribute == @myAttribute)
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If you use a blast node:

@myAttribute > 0 without the spaces "@myAttribute>0" should work.


Or if your attribute has also been declared as a variable "$MYATTRIBUTE>0.5" should work in a delete node in the filter expression parameter.

In my experience, using the blast node has much faster results.

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Reply to original topic (VEX - delete by attribute)


VEX solution:

drop down an attribwrangle then enter this code:

if(@myAttribute > 0)
removeprim(geoself(), @primnum, 1); // if you want to delete points owned by primitive itself


if(@myAttribute > 0)
removeprim(geoself(), @primnum, 0);
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