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Store the frame as some variable?


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I've been scripting in maxscript for a very long time and I know this is very easy to do in a script. However I'm still very new to VEX and I learn it very slowly, mainly because it's completely different from maxscript.


Anyways, what I want to achieve is to store a frame number at the change of some parameter. This is a topic I tried to do this in VOPs http://forums.odforce.net/topic/22113-vops-get-and-store-frame/


I'm completely lost and tired right now and I think it's time to spend some time to learn VEX, because I'm sure this can be done in just a few lines. I think it is too complecated for the VOPs. But I might be wrong. If you have any ideas how to do this in VOPs I'm very happy to see some examples.


So this is my funny and probably completely wrong syntax code:

f@s1 = point(opinputpath(".", 0), 0, "overdriveClamp", 0); // my attribute from the original node
f@s2 = point(opinputpath(".", 1), 0, "overdriveClamp", 0); // my attribute from offset (-1) node
f@t = point(opinputpath(".", 0), 0, "Time", 0); //Current time of the original node

if (s1!=s2) do // change detection
    f@my_x = t  // keep the frame at the change

What I want this to do is to take two offset attributes just to detect a change (the attribute is changing ON/OFF 0/1) and if the change is deteced, store the frame at which this change happend, thats all :)


Here is the file I'm using (attachment).


Ofcourse I get errors because I have bad syntax, as I said I don't know VEX well ("Time" as an attribute, probably this is not how I should be doing this). But you have the idea what I have in mind.


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