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VOPs: get and store frame

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This is giving me headaches for two hours now. I know it would be much easier in vex, however I dont know enaugh vex


I have some event that need to be triggerd at some point, and then start to compare the current frame and the frame at which the event has been triggered.


But whatever I do the pain is, that all the time values (on Geometry VOP GLobal Parameters) are changing over time!!!


This is the example what I need:


1) At start the color is (0,0,0)

2) At frame 25 Cd.x = 1, I need to store the value 25 (my_x = 25)

3) then frame after frame I do some calculations, lets say:

    1 - "( (current frame - 10) - my_x)/10

4) and this is how i get my attribute I'm looking for


After two hours I finally come with the problem. That don't know how to store the value my_x. I just need to store it's value ones it triggers and then change when it triggers again

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Take a look at the attached file. I have created two attributes ; "on" and "off".


When the "activation" value is less than the "threshold" value , "off" will keep updating.

The moment "activation" crosses "threshold", "off" value will be hold and "on" value will start updating. 

The moment "activation" goes below "threshold", "on" value will be hold and "off" value will start updating.

clamped "on" - "off" should also be helpful.


I hope this gives you an idea to do what you want.


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One more file. It actually stores the frame number in an attribute called trigger. when the activation value crosses the threshold. Visualize values of attributes  on , off and trigger in details view.

But this gives opposite values(on will be off ,off will be on and trigger will store frame number where activation goes below threshold instead going above threshold) when activation value is more than threshold on the beginning frame(for example activation value set to 1 on frame -20)


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