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Shadow Color to Cd through Vops

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I am trying to create color on an object based on the location of a central point. I have achieved this so far through using the normals of an object the position the central point as well as the dot product to specify where color will be. Works great. However, now I want to make it so that objects occluded by other objects do not get the color, sort of like a show but I do not want to calculate it at rendertime, instead I want it to be seen in the Cd value as I did above. I was messing around with the intersect Vop, but have had no luck. Any help here?





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Here you go.


There were a couple of problems.

The input geo path for the intersect vop needs to have the op: prefix, and the expression needs to be insode backticks: op:`opinputpath(".", 0)`

Intersect VOP seems to be prone to self-intersection by the shooting surface, use a small bias by adding in a bit of the surface normal to the ray start position.



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