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Ocean Float Workflow


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I am trying to figure out the correct workflow to have an object float on an ocean whilst also interacting with that ocean, creating splashes etc.

The ocean I am creating is quite rough so there is a lot of low frequency displacement/movement generated by the ocean spectrum (big rolling waves). 


Things I have tried so far:


flipsolver > Volume Motion > Solver > Feedback Scale set to 1.0

Object density set to 400

Object bounce set to 0


Splash Tank: Object floats correctly. Good motion. Not much real interaction with the ocean. Doesn't really create splashes. Particles get generated within the object due to the nature of the Splash Tank.


Wave Layer Tank: Unstable behaviour. The object seems to generate a large splash which then causes it to bounce around erratically and eventually sink (sounds cool but not what I'm after).


Wave Tank: Doesn't keep up with the ocean deformation very well at all.


Beach Tank / Flat Tank: Unsuitable.


From my tests the Splash Tank result is best but doesn't really allow for proper interaction between the object and the ocean. The Wave Layer Tank might work if I could get past that instability. 

Am I going about this the wrong way? Any suggestions welcome.






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Hey Daniel,


If you are not comfortable building FLIP from scratch, the Splash Tank it's probably the best solution. But you need to create velocity vectors on the float objects to have more realistic splashes. And use VDB for better interaction.


This is how I would approach it:


- Splash Tank for simple interaction with the float object

- Ocean Spectrum and Ocean Evaluate for bigger ocean grid

- Merge them together with some AttribVop trickery (the hard part, but u can find solutions on odforce)


If you don't care about an ocean size, you can just keep it small and use Flip only.


Good luck and feel free to post hip files of the process so we can help more.



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