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"Select by 3d Connectivity"

A. Morales

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These new selection modes are excellent and have been using them extensively, but now i want to ask, is there an equivalent to them via the group node and using the bounding box? even using the "select entities not wholly contained" option doesnt work properly, i basically want it to do what "select by 3d connectivity" does.


Any solutions?



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As far as I know - you have to group the points in the bounding box, then expand it in another node by connected edges, using the previous group as the starting point. Pretty easy, but requires two group nodes.


Making it simpler would be a nice addition to the group node though.

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Just use the Edge Depth parameter with a point group and specify a very large number like 9999999, and it will select everything those points are connected. You can even convert the point group into another type in the same group node.

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