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Medieval crowd, any ideas or information about that?


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Saying that you want a "Medieval crowd" is a little bit vague - all you would technically need for that is models with appropriate period dress. The important thing is what they're doing in the context of the scene, for instance, just milling around, running from something, rioting, etc. etc. These kind of actions should be mostly independent from the setting or time period of the scene, so you can start with something a bit more generic then fine tune the crowd behavior from there if necessary. As far as learning resources go, I imagine there might not be a ton of Houdini-specific information out there yet given how new its crowd tools are, so you might try looking up some information of Massive workflows and seeing if you can translate that to Houdini. There are a few courses you might check out on Digital Tutors as well as FXPHD.

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