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FEM Solver "fe_quality_bad" warning

Nick da Silva

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I'm trying to familiarize myself with the FEM solver in Houdini with a very simple scene however I keep getting a warning on my Solid Object in side DOPs. The solid object itself does not error out when initialized however when I enable to FEM solver then the warning appears.


The warning is:


created group "fe_quality_bad" with 71 bad primitives


Anyone know what might be causing this?


FYI, it's not breaking the sim but I just want to know for my own understanding.



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If you get the warning on the first or second frame of your simulation, then go to the object that contains the SOPs that construct the tetmesh. Try the Poly Doctor to fix the mesh.


You can try converting the geometry to a VDB sdf surface field, then convert it back to polygons with VDB From Polygons. Use a Clean SOP just to remove any overlapping geometry. This should build a surface mesh that is free from self-intersections and irregularly sized face primitives.

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