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Merging Two Geometry Streams Via Modulus?


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Hi All,


I just watched Manuel's tutorial on the FOR/EACH sop.


This tutorial copies boxes. In the end you end up with two possible outcomes. One result is boxes with materials cycling through 3 possible materials. The other result is each box with a random color applied.


What I would like to do is mix these two resulting streams using some form of modulus to determine how many of each stream get mixed in to a final single stream of geometry.


Example: The first 4 copies come from the 1st stream, the second 4 copies come from the 2nd stream then back to the first stream and so on...


How can I do this? I realize I need some groups and way to select alternately from each group. Are there specific nodes I should be using?


In the screen shot I have the current result of each stream, one in each object but I would like a single object for the final result.



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