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Flip Fluid Viscosity Attribute Why not less than 1

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I have a flip fluid


In Physical window Set the viscosity 


But why the viscosity is less than 1 of the time


The viscosity results and 1.


I use Flip Fluid from object Create this Flip Fluid



I know that particle FLuid can customize the viscosity property


But particle Fluid can not get an exact match transmitter


I want know If Use "Flip Fluid from object" How to Customize viscosity att



Please help me



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Hey Xie,


to use viscosity in FLIP it's not enough to crank it up on the flip object but you also have to turn it on in the FLIP solver under Volume Motion you will find a Viscosity Tab.


You can thick that on and start playing with the parameters, either by changing the values on the FLIP obj or on the solver itself.


You can also thick on VISCOSITY BY ATTRIBUTE for extra control in SOPs.


Hope that helps

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