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Gosper Curve


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Hey folks,


Here's a Gosper Curve attempt, following the reference from Algorithmic Beauty of Plants  p.12 (FASS curve construction).


As you can see from the hip file, it is not entirely correct, though looks somewhat similar.  I spent 2 evenings on it and failed.  Any ideas?:


Premise: L

Rule 1: L -> LF + RF ++ RF - LF -- LFLF - RF +

Rule 2: R -> - LF + RFRF ++ RF + LF -- LF - RF




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Yes!  Thanks, Eetu.


I noticed that, as compared to ABOP rules, Houdini L-Systems rules need (sometimes, but not always) L, instead of FL (similar with R); also LF and FL (FR/RF) are not the same, though I did not quite figure out the pattern.  


Here's another example: Sierpinsky Kasket where LF and RF seem to work (as opposed to FL in the previous example).  I do not understand when we need LF and when FL, other than sometimes one works and another does not.


Any insights on this?






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There is an l-system preset in the little gear drop down menu for the gosper curve. The method they used to do the "left" and "right" syntax is explained in the help files for the l-system under the header "edge rewriting".

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Thanks, Robert


Of course I am aware of the presets.  However in the time of looking into it, the rules made little sense to me.  Now when I've been looking into ABOP, I managed to forget about the Gosper preset.  Oh well, another wheel re-invented.  :)


That closes the question.


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