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Christian S

Point Cloud in VopCop2Filter ?

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On a grid, I used a VOPSOP with a point cloud lookup to find the closes point around my current point that has a specific attribute. And then I can measure the distance between them and compute other stuff.


But, this system is slow (We have a big pipeline with many different things, this is just part of it). We decided to swtich to COP since we can treat the grid as an image. 1 point == 1 pixel.


What I want to know, can I use the point cloud nodes in a VOPCOP2FILTER inside a COP2NET?


Pixel position is the same as point position right? But how do I specify the Point Cloud Texture (file) to be the COP image? Is it posible at all to use Point Cloud nodes in COP context?


Thx for your input.


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you can use point cloud nodes in cop context, however still only for sampling points from file or sop geo



I guess for querying pixels around certain pixel position you will need to write custom functions, luckily it's really predictable, since pixels are always in a grid and not sparse as point clouds

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I wonder if such a feature, function or script has been published somewhere. Now 6 years later.

If anyone knows something, I'd appreciate if you let me know. :-)

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