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Point Normal - Control each point's normal separately


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Hi guys


Does anybody knows  a method to rotate separately  each normal of a point from a curve ? I  want to select 1 or X number of  points  and than to rotate their  normal as desired.


how to do that?




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Another option is to move each point in the direction that you want its normal to point.  Then using a point sop, connect your original points into the first input and the edited points into the second.  Then for the normal use: $TX2-$TX, $TY2-$TY, $TZ2-$TZ.   This will set each normal to point to the position of the edited points.

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Houdini world is divided into those who use quaternions and those who are going to use them :)

Now say you want to rotate Normals for point num 0  1 and 2 by 45 degrees around X axis.
Laydown attrib wrangle enter @ptnum == 0 1 2  in Group field and following in VEXpression field :

float angle = radians(45);
vector axis = set(1,0,0);
vector4 myQuaternion = quaternion(angle,axis);
@N = qrotate(myQuaternion,@N);





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