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Open CL error


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Please post the error! 


OpenCL is included in the Nvidia drivers, you are most likely running out of GPU ram, if you switch to CPU OpenCL you can then use more Ram.  Please see:




EDIT: Also be very aware that the Gtx970 has a memory 'feature' where the last 500MB is very slow to access:


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Hello Marty ,


Thank you for fast reply , :)


Actualy the simulation is so simple , just a ground plane and a torus and then i convert torus to Grain for example , once i click on use Open CL , the node turns to red and i get an error, The same simulation worked on my laptop on windows with  the intel HD 4600 so i dont think it's VRAM  problem .



I will post the error later when i get to my machine .




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Can you please post from the Help menu/ About Houdini, the OpenGL Vendor section, at the top,  and the OpenCL Platform section, further down. Thanks!


Also the version of Houdini please.

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Houdini Version 14.0.335


OpenGL Vendor:            NVIDIA Corporation
OpenGL Renderer:          GeForce GTX 970/PCIe/SSE2
OpenGL Version:           4.5.0 NVIDIA 346.72
OpenGL Shading Language:  4.50 NVIDIA
Detected:                 NVidia Consumer
                          4096 MB




as for the OpenCL  : No Configured OpenCL Device ,  i guess thats where the problem is ?

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Thank you alot for your Help Marty 


It was simple , i Downloaded and installed the Nvidia Driver from Nvidia website , then installed it 


after that i got to a problem where my screen goes blank on Startup , I did some searching and now using the "nomodeset" in grub .


and then its all working



OpenCL Platform           NVIDIA CUDA
Platform Vendor           NVIDIA Corporation
Platform Version          OpenCL 1.1 CUDA 7.0.41
OpenCL Device             GeForce GTX 970
OpenCL Type               GPU
Device Version            OpenCL 1.1 CUDA
Frequency                 1329 MHz
Compute Units             13
Device Address Bits       32
Global Memory             4095 MB
Max Allocation            1023 MB
Global Cache              208 KB
Max Constant Args         9
Max Constant Size         64 KB
Local Mem Size            47 KB
2D Image Support          32768x32768
3D Image Support          4096x4096x4096




But I also read that the "nomodeset" can prevent  Graphics Acceleration . is that true ?

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Hi guys, can anyone help me I got kinda the same problem but can't fix it. I'm using Houdini 17 and I got the error:

"OpenCL Context error: CL_MEM_OBJECT_ALLOCATION_FAILURE error executing CL_COMMAND_WRITE_BUFFER on GeForce RTX 2080 (Device 0).

OpenCL Exception: clEnqueueWrite
OpenCL Exception: Integer overflow building index for packed array attribute. (-4)
OpenCL Exception: Integer overflow building index for packed array attribute."

OS : Windows 10

CPU: AMD 2970wx 

GPU : RTX 2080

RAM : 128 GB


Thank you very much.


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