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copy object to particles problem ...

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I am still learning about copying geometry to particle simulations.


I am having trouble understanding why my static collision objects are being included in my copy. I know I can delete them afterwards ... but is there a better way ?


I have included a .jpg that show the problem and my simple test .hip file.


Thanks !



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T H A N K    Y O U 


learning this stuff has been a bit problematic since most of the learning material is from v13 and before.


Is it better form to keep the popnet out of the geometry node then ? placing it in a dopnet at the object level ?


Thanks again !!!

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Thsnk Georgie this helps a lot.


I learned three ways to do random particles scaling.

  1. Attribute Wrangle
  2. Point Vop
  3. Point Sop


They all use ID.


I am still confused about when I can use $ID though.  Like when do you use $ID vs. @id vs i@id


Ill get there.

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