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copied fractured pieces offset problem


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I am trying to copy fractured pieces on surface, but some of them are offseted from surface. It seems like after fracturing, pieces are still using pivot before fracturing.

How can that be fixed?

Also how is it possible to get object's pivot's world transforms?



copy test.hipnc

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Every single piece is offset actually, not just the ones with the red arrows. Move the pieces to origin before copying them onto the points.

Thanks Skybar


How do I move all pieces procedurally? I centered pivots with Transform node, but I don't know how to get world offset of centered pivot's position.

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With a Transform SOP, $CEX $CEY $CEZ as pivot, and -$CEX -$CEY -$CEZ as translate usually does the trick. I'd put it after your Delete SOP there.

Thanks once again!!!


It was so simple :)

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