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vdb from polygons


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Hi Everyone,


While using VDB from polygon, I face a issue related to input geometry smoothness.


The issue is that :-


My Original geometry has Normal info because of which the geometry looks smooth.

But when i convert the geometry into the VDB i don't get any smoothness.


please check the attached image,

Please tell me how to achieve the smoothness in VDB,

I Tried using VDB smooth node but the result don't match with the original input geometry smoothness.


Thank you every one in Advance.






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I wouldn't say normals really make sense in the context of a VDB.  A signed distance field represents only the true geometric surface, and implicitly defines its own normals - the gradient of the distance field.  Overriding it with your own would sort of defeat the point of using VDBs/SDFs in the first place.  If you're seeing facets in your VDB, you need to ensure your input geometry is genuinely geometryically smooth.  Use this as an indicator that your input mesh needs some refinement - not as an indicator that the VDB conversion process is doing anything wrong.

Normal information on the input is moot, best to just ignore/delete it and view the input in hard-edge mode.

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