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Issue with EPS and Flip Fluids

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In H14, I'm having an issue where importing an EPS file, extruding it and then using the shelf tools for Flip Fluids just doens't create any particles or fluids.

If I lay down a sphere and use the same shelf tools, everything works as expected, but strangely the extruded EPS doesn't seem to work.  I'm not getting any errors anywhere, just nothing being generated...All the DOPS seem fine, pointing to the right things etc....


What could I be doing wrong?



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Hmm... you've got a tough one here. I just did a quick test extruding curves from an EPS file and it seems to work fine as a FLIP object. The only thing I noticed really was that I had to untick the 'Hole Polygons' option in the Extrude SOP to get it capped correctly. If that still doesn't work, perhaps try converting to polygons and running through a Fuse SOP to make sure your mesh is watertight.


If none of that works, would it be possible for you to post the EPS file you're using?

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Hi Alex, I had a chance to play around with that file a bit, unfortunately I think I'm stumped on this one. I tried pretty much everything I could think of... converting to different curve types, to polygons, NURBS surface, and other operations. It's quite strange, considering that Houdini won't import open curves from an EPS file, so we know that the curves are closed and if you're capping and consolidating the points on the mesh there's no reason that the mesh shouldn't be closed as well, so my assumption about that being the issue here looks to be off. If you haven't already, consider posting this on the Side Effects forum as well - someone there may have encountered this before.


Best of luck!

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