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Are you a recent graduate looking to start your career in Animation? Are you graduated from Computer Science related major with interests in art and animation? Would you like to work with some of the top talents in the animation industry? Check out this exciting apprenticeship opportunity with Oriental DreamWorks in Shanghai!


Oriental DreamWorks will start the FX R&D Apprenticeship Program in August this year and there will be several more apprenticeship opportunities in other departments in 2015!

The Oriental DreamWorks apprenticeship program is an incredible opportunity to learn from the best and to gain valuable production experience. We are looking for the most motivated individuals to complement our team. The FX R&D apprenticeship is a paid program and will last for 2 months which may lead to full time employment.


What you can learn from the FX R&D Apprentice Program?

      ·   Learn to create visual effects using particles, rigid body simulations, fluids and smoke.

  • Develop/Enhance your skills at animation, modeling, and simulation design
  • Collaborate with animators, character riggers, and department supervisors
  • Write utility scripts and programs to streamline the setup process
  • Use Maya/Houdini tools and ODW Advanced Technology to develop FX tools
  • How to work in a production environment for a feature film

What you could get after the FX R&D Apprentice Program?

  • You will receive a certificate which shows you participated in Oriental DreamWorks Apprenticeship program.
  • If you’re successful in the final evaluation after the apprenticeship period, you may be offered a full time employment at Oriental DreamWorks!
  • The FX R&D Apprentice is responsible to design and create visual effects such as smoke, destruction and fluid simulations. They will also be responsible to develop tools used in FX to help enhance the pipeline. If this sounds like your field of dreams, read further for the kinds of proficiencies we are looking for:

Technical Skills:

  • Knowledge in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Animation or related field with programming or scripting skills
  • Basic working knowledge of Maya, Houdini or another 3D package with dynamic simulation capabilities. (particle, cloth, fluid and volumetric simulation)
  • Basic understanding of natural and physical based movements or physics

Aesthetics — Visual Judgment and Design:

  • Good visual sense of motion, design, and physics
  • Fine arts background with life drawings, sculpting skills are plus

Other Requirements:

  • Graduated in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Animation or related major
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Related working experience is a plus
  • PRC or Authorized to work in China

Application Deadlines:

  • The application deadline is 31st July
  • Target start date will be 24th August 2015 and end date will be 13th November 2015(Subject to change)


How to apply:

Please submit your resume and demo reels (e.g. student work, personal work or project work) online at careers.oriental-dreamworks.com

When you visit the career page, Please ensure you click on Apprenticeship and not any other job postings to ensure we received your application correctly.

Please note, due to a high volume of applications, we cannot respond to every applicant.


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