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How to retime Alembic camera

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Hi Guys I have a Maya scene exported out as Alembic cache. It has a very fast moving characters and camera. I want to retime the cache and slow it down. It was easy to retime the characters with Timewarp but how do I retime the camera Please Help.
Also what would be the best solution to sim fast moving objects Substeps or retiming the shot.


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here is the thread showing simplified chops stretch method to retime the camera animation I thik this is for houdini camera



for alembic camera there are 2 Frame related parameters Frame(adjust the start frame to match the fps)  and Frames per second(multiply with the amount of slow motion needed like( 1/2 speed means 2 and quater means 4)) of the Alembic  Archive obj  file adjusting them will make the camera/animation/whatever inside gets slow motion. probably duplicate the alembic cam and rename as slow motion


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found accurate solution
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