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Ivy Growing

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I have a stripped down example scene where by I am trying to achieve a simple (or at least I thought it would be simple) ivy growing type effect. I am trying to get the secondary branches to mimic the initial brans curl movement, but oriented correctly along it's initial normal. That may not make much sense so I have made a quick diagram to help. Does any one have any ideas of what I can do to amend this? Would be grateful for some pointers.






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Thanks for sharing you're file Artem, seems like its working fine to me, I'm going to go though it a bit more to understand what you've done. I'd be really interested in seeing the effect with the VEX rotate function, I'm sure it would be a lot clearer to understand. Are you able to do something like this in VEX? My VEX is currently a work in progress...

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This seems like a good subject to do with L-systems. You can get the nice growing effect and the secondary vines are aligned to the growing vector if you specify no further rotation.

You can also get some nice fractals/recursion with just a single shape. 

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I think you can add Normal to your spline.

May be this will be helpfull.


Then you may add additional transformation with Transform operator and stamp expression function.

CopyStamping available in houdini help.


ps must be something interesting in IvyGrowingArchy )) but my houdini load scene with errors ((


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