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Project A Line Onto A Tube?

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Hi All,


I am still trying to figure out how to wrap a procdurally generated line along the surface of the tube. I was plying around with Peter Quint's ivy.hip example file. While his solution works, mine does not. But I don't really understand why? I have simply replaced his curves with my curves and run them both into a switch.


My curve projects inside and doesn't always fall onto the surface as it should.



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For general usability I'd suggest projecting the curve to the tube first and THEN adding a polywire to it. If you can somehow get the intersection normal from the curve to the collision you can peak the curve a certain amount so that any polywire tube appears to "rest" on the surface instead of penetrating it (which you are getting somewhat with the current setup).

The method with the control grid resembles the creep method where you use the UV coordinates to project your curves on which then folds the curve around the geometry nicely (requires nurbs geo to project against though).

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