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Infinite Ocean?

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I'm trying to create an extremely large ocean.  In my shot, the camera gets very close to the surface of the ocean and then pulls out very high above the ocean.  The horizon is also seen in this shot, so I'd need the ocean to look like it extends all the way out to infinitey.  It seems like all the options I've looked into (Houdini and Realflow) suggest tiling a grid to create the illusion of an infinite ocean.  However, I'm worried that this tiling method will actually require too much geo, since the grid will need to be very high res to hold up when the camera is very close.  Tiling this high res grid will result in lots of geo.


I'm wondering if Houdini has any tools to create an ocean that can hold up when the camera is really close to the surface and still works when the camera pulls out very wide?  It seems like I could really use something that can create a truly procedurally generated ocean that creates more detail as the camera gets closer to the surface and less detail as the camera gets further away.  Also, the ocean would need to extend out to horizion.


It seems like 3ds Max has (or had) an infinite plane feature that would extend out to the horizion and Final Render SE has an ocean shader/material that can work with the infinite plane to create an infinite ocean.  Does Houdini have anything like this?  Or if you know of any other software packages that would work, I welcome all suggestions.  Thanks!

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