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How to use spring constraint network for packed prims?


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I don't know if I should be using packed prims as an input for Connect Adjacent Pieces or if I should unpack before? I thought the constraints should be between the packed prim locations/pivots, but I have seen both approaches.


Also unlike the Glue network constraint Spring constraint DOP doesn't allow for -1 strength. Is there a way to make it so that the springs are unbreakable by the simulation?


I attached a file and as you can see the pieces start falling immediately.



Thanks :)


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yes you can unpack first if you want to consider their geometry while generating constraints, like connecting surface points rather than centroids

the constraints will carry over only the name of the RBD, so even if you unpack them for the purpose of creating constraints, your sim can still be using packed RBDs and constraints will bind to them properly using name, considering it's unique


as far as strength goes, spring constraints are not breakable (unless you are deleting them based on their properties on something), Strength is just their strength, so if you want "infinite" strength use Glue or Hard and  switch to Spring whenever you want, look at SpringToGlue example in the help for inspiration on how to switch constraint types on the fly

you can as well do that per constraint based on it's properties like force, distance, etc.

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