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can't select diagonal of a grid with expression


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Huh, you're right, looks like a subtle rounding error with absolute and the if statement. Happens in your setup too konstantin if you put an abs vop on each wire before the equality test.


Might be worth sending to sidefx support a a bug.


In the interim, you can make it work if you subtract one from the other, and test if its within a very small range. Eg, for the group expression:

if( abs($TX)-abs($TZ)<0.0001  && abs($TX)-abs($TZ)>-0.001, 1 ,0 )

Or directly in a wrangle (slightly easier to read I reckon) :


float diff = abs(@P.x)-abs(@P.z);
float max = 0.001;
float min = -max;

if (diff<max && diff>min) {
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