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I wanted to make a little entry on odwiki on how to create with only few inexpensive gadgets & and some photo cam fairly decent textures, i.e. how to take pictures and seperate specular and diffuse nicely.

Don't know how to title this though nor into which category this would fit best (it's not rendering really, nor texturing). Any suggestions ?!


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Why not make a new category, like "Survey", "Intergration", "I/O" , "Real World" or "Data Acquisition" or something like that?

I like the idea though!


Texturing felt wrong .. Data Acquisition sounds good to me.

Concerning the content .. it's just this simple trick of taking two photo's in rapid succession and using two polarisations filters.

With the filters we force the light sources 'light waves' to be parallel. Since speculars directly reflect the light, they don't change the orientation of the waves --> only if the filter in front of the camera's lens is parallel to the one of the light source, we'll see any of the speculars.

If they are at 90 degree angle, we effectively kill almost all reflections and speculars. We get only the diffuse part. Well .. the rest is obvious I guess (if the whole thing isn't common knowledge anyhow).

The good thing is that you only need to spent like 100 $/

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