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[SOLVED]VEX Not All Code Paths Return Value?


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Hi All,


I have a small piece of VEX code that will not compile. I keep getting the message that not all code paths return a value. I don't see how this is possible because there is only one return and the return is referencing a variable that is already initialized.

float string_point_attribute(string attribute; int id) {
    string result = "";
    int success = 0;
    string attribute_value = pointattrib(geoself(),attribute, id, success);
    if (success) {result = attribute_value;}
    return result;

What is wrong with my code?

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I think the problem is your implicitly casting a string to a float (I'm assuming you can do this but I've never tried), and VEX is casting result = "" to nothing rather then a value of zero, as there not really the same thing.


Changing it to string result = "0", might fix that, but something like 

int success = 0;
string attribute_value = ....
if (success)
    return (float)attribute_value;
    return 0; // or any value you know is incorrect and can test for

may be a better choice, if I understood the intent of your function.

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That was it. I feel silly. I cloned this string version of the function from the float version and did not notice the type of the return value.


The error message could be a little clearer. Like "Return type does not match function definition." or something...

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