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hey everyone,

always appreciate the help i get from here.

very simple question, havnt been on houdini in while,got stuck in maya.

I need to create a mountain range. I have the actual mountain contours in 5 foot intervals in a CAD(dxf) file.

I am looking to import these into houdini,convert to points,group and create a new curve from the points for each contour.

How do i skin two curves to create a surface.

much appreciated,


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Hi Chris,

Welcome back to Houdini-land. :D

Assuming you're so lucky to have the same number of points for every coutour, put down an Add SOP, go to the Polygon tab & select "By Group".

Instead of "All points" for the Add parameter, change that to "Groups of N points" & type in the magic number in the N parameter. Once done, put down a Skin SOP & voila!

If you're able to group each contour, change the above method to "Each Group Separately" in the Add SOP instead.

I hope the above helps but if you need a different solution, please let us know.



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good to be back,

ok, i am missing something here, something simple.

i started a new file, created a curve, used add sop, then used two transform sop creatd two sets of points.

now having two sets of exact curve points, i used skin sop.

i get a mess of curves.

what settimg am i missing or basic modeling knowlegde am i forgetting?



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