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Is it possible to "shift" in time the procedural ocean [SOLVED


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Hi guys,


The question is simple, I am trying to make a shot of a boat with some waves: is it possible, in the OceanFX tool, to "time shift" the ocean?
I'm asking because the waves I like are about 50 frames after the start of my ocean and every time i want to modify something I have to "waste" a lot of time while Houdini cooks the scene.
I hope you can help me.
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there is Time Parm on Ocean Evaluate

it takes time in seconds, by default $T, so to shift it by 50 frames change it to $T+50/$FPS (if you used shelf then there are 2 Ocean Evaluate nodes named ocean_preview and ocean_render, you will have to modify both)

or you can as well append TimeShift SOP and in frame use $F+50

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Thank you very much!


I tried and the ocean seems different but probably is just a feeling.


I think I will set the proper time in the ocean_render node and reference the time parm in the preview, so that once I change one, the other is updated as well.


Thank you again!!!




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