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Found 12 results

  1. Hello guys, Well i am working on an ocean scene having foam particles over it, I need to render the scene but everytime i put the scene on render it starts using 100% CPU Usage and crashes. Plz tell me how to down sample my render i have 200 frames and not one is getting render. All the render settings are on default and rendering via physically based rendering. PC Configuration- I7 6700 PROCESSOR AMD 2 GB RADEON R7 DDR5 GRAPHIC CARD 16 GB RAM
  2. Hello guys, I wanna make an ocean with an ice berg floating over it, I already added environment light, And checked all the diffusion values needed for it but still getting such 2D type of look in my render view i donno what to do now Here is screenshot of my file-
  3. Hey guys, I am new to houdini and i need to know how to project any image on grid in houdini?? I'm working on an ocean scene where i have to set the image of fish on grid over the ocean.
  4. Flat Tank

    Hi, I'm totally new in using Houdini software and I'm trying to recreate the Flat Tank Off the Shelf tutorial here. I used a boat instead. However, my boat is not colliding with the water properly and water goes through the boat. Does anyone have any idea what could be the problem and how should I go about fixing this? I have attached my .hipnc file here. I got the boat model online and I have included it in this post. Thanks. Eunice BoatSim.hipnc boat.obj
  5. Hi all. I need a help. Is there anyway to collide/dynamically float an object on ocean fx wave surface ? even if the object doesn't produce foam it will work.. I just need the dynamic motion of wave surface on object. I don't want to do an actual flip simulation.
  6. Simulation scale

    Hi guys, I have another question for you, this time about scale. In some of the tutorials for FLIP fluids I've followed, they say that it is important to keep the scale of the simulation as close as possible to the reality. In my case, I have a boat that is 100 meters long, should I try to scale the sim 1:1 or can I scale it down of half or 1/10th? How should I change the solver's spatial scale and mass scale? My main doubt is: should I use a 150m domain with bigger particle sep or a 15m domain with much smaller particle sep? Thank you! Cheers! Andrea
  7. adding ocean spectra

    I'm interested in "layering" large, low-frequency waves with higher-frequency ones. The surface is no problem - just pipe the output of one ocean evaluate into the other. But the ocean evaluate has other products (vel volume, sdf, particles) that are used elsewhere in the pipeline - and in fact some of those parts have their own embedded ocean eval nodes for generating those products. I could hunt down and deform all the volumes, particles, etc. But it occurred to me that a better solution would be to composite the two ocean spectra at the head of the chain. Unfortunately, my math is too rusty for it to be immediately obvious to me how to do this. (Adding them isn't the answer.) Does anyone know how I could go about this? I'm assuming the amp/freq/phase volumes that are output by the ocean spectrum node are spectra giving... power? in each band of frequencies across a given range. But it's not really documented anywhere.
  8. Hi guys, sorry to annoy you but I am just entered in the "world" of VFX and CG and I need your help I am trying to create a shot of a boat moving. I have created a collision geometry, a proxy volume, and run the simulation (particle separation is always 0.03). Once I converted the particles to volume and then to polygon soup, I noticed that the water moved by the bow is wrong: there is a small "gap" between the bow and the water, as if something is between them. I am posting 2 screenshot of the particle simulation and the conversion to volume. Thank you for your help I don't know if you can see it but the lower part of the volume is correctly attached to the boat, but then the distance increases... Cheers, Lazza 79
  9. Hi guys, The question is simple, I am trying to make a shot of a boat with some waves: is it possible, in the OceanFX tool, to "time shift" the ocean? I'm asking because the waves I like are about 50 frames after the start of my ocean and every time i want to modify something I have to "waste" a lot of time while Houdini cooks the scene. I hope you can help me. Cheers! Lazza79
  10. first boat wake

    Hey all! My first post! I am working on a project where we see a shot of a sailboat slowly moving from bottom to about halfway up creating a boat wake. The water will be still like a lake and I don't need to see any foam. What do you guys think is the best oceanFX tool to achieve this?
  11. oceanfx reduce tiling pattern

    Hi, I would like to blend multple ocean spectra together to get rid of the visible tiling pattern, however merging/mixing different spectra together doesn't quite work, unless they have the same gridScale and resolution. I would ideally like to keep the solution as upstream as possible, so ideally at volume/spectrum level, as this would allow to drive potential subsequent flip sims which rely on spectrum data neatly, but I'm not sure if this would be feasible. Can you recommend a nice and tried workflow to add a low frequency noise to break up the pattern? Thanks MisterP oceanWaves_v004.hip
  12. Strongly based on (mighty) Igor Zanic old Naiad test of an helicopter, I worked on this test to get the hang of the new Ocean FX tools in Houdini, as well as testing how to use custom forces to affect FLIPs (to simulate the helicopter blades). Sorry for the somewhat grainy render and some Nuke retiming flicker around. I didn´t have the time to retime and re-render. I think I make up for this with an interesting test. My conclusion so far is that it´s very difficult to use dynamic waves and still keep your main effect strong and controllable because of the amount of interactions going on with the waves. The reason being dynamic waves require a really huge container not to come back too soon and this adds up on the usual problems on any similar scene.