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Whitewater with ocean evaluate


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Hi guys!

I have a Flat tank sim which I deformed in post using the ocean evaluate to get waves on the surface.

but now my white water doesn't follow the surface because of the ocean evaluate

how do I get the white water from the original sim to follow the surface of the ocean evaluate?

Any help would be greatly appreciated



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Can you put the same value of the ocean evaluate on the white water sim? (if it looks fairly "flat")

If it has splash or something, you can have it mask by using ramp parameter also... 


I would think the result you want can be achieved in different ways... depends on what your white water looks like. 



Post a hip file? 

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Thank you for the hip!I will definitely try this method out on my sim!


I'm not too sure about some of the things going on in the pointvop

1)Would the source max on the fit vary according to my sim?


2)I played around with the ramp values and I am still unclear about the ramp works,does it control the shape of the mask or the overall height of the mask,or the position as well?



Thanks again for the hip!

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