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Getting rid of noise after wire deform sop

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First of all, please excuse me asking such a basic question. I can't figure it out on my own and can't find the solution for this particular problem in the forum.


I am trying to model stacked text in spiral using wire deformation, making shape of a cup. Later I'll 3d-print it.


The main issue is uncontrollable deformations. The extrusion is not maintained correctly along the curve.



If I'm using nurbs instead circle, then in addition text gets twisted (doesn't face up). Can't really tell why facing up normals doesn't work.


Hope you can point where is the mistake.






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I could clean up the geo with some methods... (I can't post a hipfile now, but maybe I can later, if you want)


Mainly, do the extrusion after you deform the font geo.


Put Divide node under your Font (between these you can put resample node to clean up), to divide the plane. This helps smoothing on the plane when it's deformed.

To do so, uncheck all toggle boxes except Bricker Polygon and Bricker Shared Edges. Then size: .02 .02 1


For your wire, it was s a bit short, so make sure you extend them X axis just a bit(on your xform4 node). 


Wire Capture

Change your max weight value to 2222 ( or something... )


When your font is deformed, then you extrude.

(you can use 'local', for extrusion, but I just moved the whole geo to the center of the world space and used Global extrusion by scaling it.)

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Thanks for involvement. The issues are now resolved. Here is the list of mistakes I made.

1. I expected perfection but I didn't pay attention to small details. The wirecapture curve was not perfectly horizontal and the distances from the middle point were not equal.

2. You're not supposed to wiredeform extruded primitives like that. I'v played with normals a little bit, changing them to global [-$TX, -$TY, -$TZ] did not bring desirable results. Extrusion can be made after transformation.

3. To bend the text nicely, the inside of the text must not be ignored. Suggested brick method works alright, voronoi fracture even better.


The nodes are still huge mess, but it works so I am done.


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