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Animated Camera Projection on Rbd packed Fractures

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Hi guys, cause SesiWeb is off at the moment and maybe someone here can help too, i need to post this here.


i am experimenting with camera projection and get stuck.

I have a sequence that i try to project on my fractured ground and i dont know where tu put the uv texture and/or the restpos

so that it does not swimm and stick to the pieces. - i tried before and after the voronoi and with and without rest but nothing worked.


when i uv texture after dopimport it looks good but does not stick to the fractures - if i tried before it lookes like the sequence keeps staying on first frame..


so here is the file and if somebody needs the sequence you can dl frames 35-55 (which is my current workrange) here:



i hope you can light me up - if there more questions let me know, thanx.



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- so you have your dopimport  (A) where you are importing unpacked geo

- branch out TimeShift (B ) and hold the first frame of your sim where the ground is still whole

- append UVTexture  (C ) after B and set it to project from your camera, if you have nice stable track, this should work  nicely for static ground and moving cam

so to get this stick with your simmed ground you just need to copy these uvs, therefore

- create Attribute Copy (D) and connect A to first and C to second input and set Attribute to Copy to Texture UV

then just render D with your ground texture mapped using uv

(ground has to have constant topology over your range)

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