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Gas Repeat Solver for slow motion pyro


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Where did you get the idea that it can be used to slow down your sim?

if anything it can speed it up as it will repeat some operations without adjusting the timestep so if you apply that to advection for example you will advance more steps within one timestep


but for retiming the smoke/pyro sim for you can use Gas Upres DOP node, have a look at UpresRetime example in help

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Thank you for that short but very explanatory answer. Cause all I have been managed to achieve is to speed up the sim. I read that it can be re-timed in general (speed up/down) from this thread: http://forums.odforce.net/topic/15050-power-of-gas-repeat-solver/


Didn't get great results with the Gas Upres DOP or the Time Scale in the Pyro DOP but will try more. Thank you.

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you could also try writing out subframes (using oversampling on the dopnet,  and look up using $N on a geometry ROP),  then playing back the subframes at normal speed.  It does change the look of your sim somewhat,  so it's not %100,  but for a lot of sims you can work this way.



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