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Hello Friends, I have doubt, How do we project an image on packed primitive geometries (having very high poly counts) without unpacking them. I used copy sop to scatter the packed geometries on a plane. If i unpack the geometry the projection will work. Any one give me a good suggestion.  

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Can you do it in the shader? If you transform P into ndc space you can easily look up an image. If you store rest-p, you can make it stick to a frame.



Can you give me a detail tip please, Can't able to understand this method. I am getting projection without unpacking the geos but how to connect specific camera/UV texture. Thanks in advance

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found it


you would need to plug rest VOP into P

as well as you will have to have rest attribute on your geo (using Rest SOP) before packing and simming if you want it to be projected at the rest pose and then stick with your deformation

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