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RenderMan error...

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Can someone point me to an easy to follow guide like "RenderMan For Dummies" type of thing :-) I have no problem installing all the stuff it's just getting Houdini to recognise it's there.

When I do "view: renderman" it gives me this error: "CreateProcess failed for 'prman'"

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Yeah, its a cryptic message but all that means is that "prman" (or "render") is not in your PATH.


Yes Jason, this is the problem I'm having. Even though I have reviewed the documentation throughly and looked at every file searching for variables to set I am having no luck. I downloaded the "plim_HoudiniRMAN_Tut_v1.3" off of this site and even though it seems as if this is a good guide it still doesn't point me in the right direction.

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