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procedural Volume - scene view differs from render view


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Currently Im exploring houdini fractals  with the help of a Tutorial from CmiVFX.  ( Houdini Fractals )

Unfortunately I have a strange issue I´m not getting solved by my own. I´ve created a Volume Object with a Smoke Material applied but the density is controled by a cvex Shader. 

In the Render Tab of the Volume Geo I refer to the VEX Volume Procedural with the relative path : "shopnet1/vm_geo_vexvolume1" 

If I do it that way the Volume Obj is too small in the render View.  ( Thats the way its done in the Tutorial )

I discovered that If I do not refer to the geometry SHOP here,  the Volume displays correct in the rendering.


I would be thankful for some explanation because I would like to understand that situation before I dive deeper into this topic.

I hope the problem is somehow understandable...I attached a scene file as well.


kind regards 







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