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Flip constant flow through static fluid box


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Hi everyone!


I have difficulties with what looked like a very simple setup.. I need a static fluid box and a flip fluid running through it in one direction. Sort of like being emited on one side and being killed on the other.


I thought that's what the boundary layer is supposed to do by default, but it doesn't work as expected. I thought if I create a wave tank and give it a different vel field (instead of the ocean vel), it will work, but it doesn't.


Attached is my test file.


I would be very grateful for any advice, thanks!


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Just for better ilustration, here is a picture of the problem. When I add a force in +X, the fluid is rising on the border, where it "exits" the fluid box and it's sinking where it "enters" the fluid box.


I just need a constant flow from one side to another without any waterlevel changes...




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