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flip+goal+collision... why is this happening?? whyyyy

dyei nightmare

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flip+goal+collision... why is this happening?? whyyyy



i want a fluid colliding in a glass  then poured, then attracted by a goal, with fidelity,  but why is this happening??   it just disapears in the nothing  after pouring...    somebody knows??


pd. im in houdini 12.5


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I think in order to transfer the goalPos attrib correctly you need the point count in the flip sim to match. I referenced the scatter node from your goalPos inside the fluid source to keep the point count the same. There was also a problem with the way the velocity is being added/multiplied inside your vop network. I changed this to mix between the two based on your key framed goalon attrib. I think you could do some work here to get more control.






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