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Attribute create with "wrangle SOP" and "attribute create


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Just playing around width SOPs and encountered something I do not understand. 

I created a Grid and a Line with the attribute "weight". Than the Line width attribute is transfered to the Grid. After that the weight attribute is used to displace the geometry in y.

The question is...the Point SOP only works if I use a attribute create SOP. If a attribute Wrangle SOP is used the Point SOP does not work. Then I have to use a vop network...that works just fine. I thought its does not matter if I use wrangle or attribute create Sop apart from speed advantage.

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$WEIGHT is a local variable used by the Point SOP - it does not correspond to the value of an existing 'weight' attribute you may happen to have on your incoming geometry. Using the Attribute Create SOP in this case makes its own $WEIGHT variable you can use with the correct values. Using an Attribute VOP or Wrangle for the deformation is probably the best solution in any case - it will definitely be faster and is more in line with current best practices in Houdini. 

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