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Massive Scale difference FBX to Sim - how to fix?

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Hi guys -


i have my sim looking the way I want it in a R and D scene. Then I import an FBX and the geo in the FBX is 1000 times larger than the R and D scene. I need the geo in the FBX scene to emit smoke in the exact same way as in the R and D scene - but even if I type .001 on the "Uniform Scale" of the FBX Subnetwork node, it still has massive xforms within the FBX network - 


Anyway I think you can tell what I"m asking - how to I Scale my imported FBX geo and camera down to the scene size of my R and D so that the Sim reacts the same way?



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I hate to ask this (stupid?) question - but where do you attach the master null? The FBX comes in as a four-input subnetwork node...


I figured out what worked for me: I went into the Fbx subnetwork node, then dropped a master null and attached that to the camera and the geo, and scaled it down. 

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Are you going to be rendering from Houdini using the camera in your FBX?  If so I often get artifacts in the render when using a camera that is scaled down.  To get around that I usually use a basic chop network to transfer the scaled transform to a new camera.

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