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Bake light/shadow into volume


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I was wondering if there was any way to bake lights and or shadows into voxels/volumes. The only thing I can think is an attribute transfer from a shader, but I dont know how this would work.

Trying to cut down on non-dynamic volume rendering times.




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I don't have much experience with rendering volumetrics but two things crossed my mind that could help you.

Cloud Light node which seems to bake lighting but I have never used it. Second thing is to use deep shadow maps for lighting (if your lights and clouds are static).

I am curious about experience from others with speeding up rendering volumetrics.



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Thanks for the response,

I'm currently using cloud light to some success, however there are issues with the cloud light and instancing, which is what im currently doing.

I've also tried using deep shadow maps, but for some reason i cant get it to write volume bounces, only direct shadows.

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