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Conform White Water to Flat Tank Displaced Mesh

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Leaning H15 here and I'm having trouble understanding how to do something we did in Naiad in Houdini without using HOT... since you can't use HOT in H15 from what I've read... although I may be wrong.


It's your typical Boat on the water sim using a flat tank for the main fluid sim. Then I surface it using polygon soup in particle surfacing node. I read the bgeo.sc file back in, then apply the displacement map generated by the oceaneval node.  Okay that works so far, but now on with the white water. How does one conform all the white water properly to the displaced flip mesh?  Also, am I going about this the right away displacing the mesh? I noticed that one could just put the ocean wave setup after the surfacing node and cache that out as one, but someone told me you don't get the same detail with the former method... Can someone please help or upload an proper workflow example!  Appreciate it!



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