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Write only P to disk?


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I was thinking; normally when we cache out geometry to disk (as bgeo), we write all the geometry per frame. However, depending on the case, wouldn't it be more efficient to just write P to a table or something and read that back in and "deform" your original geo? Is it possible?


This might be a stupid question with a simple answer, it just got me thinking a bit.

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well it would only work with a non-changing point count/ordering (or it would become significantly harder)


if that condition is met, you could just remove all other attributes and save just the P in the cache and then use a attribute copy SOP to put back the point positions from the cache.

Otherwise you'll have to write a semi-smart solver to make sure the right data is attached to the right point.

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Do you know qLib?


There is Waypoint qL node that does exactly this (on the compression tab there is option to save points only). You can save full geometry (topology) only on the 1st frame and points with attributes for the rest of the frames (in the case you don't have prim/vertex attributes that are changing in time). For loading it uses Atrribute Copy to copy position and other attributes back to original geometry.


It's a quite big space saver.


Another advantage is that you can use all the benefits like bgeo.sc and single file per frame.


Mdds and alembic are great but could bog down the network.

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