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particles transferring information to points.

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I have a sim of particles. These particles are running across the surface of a object. I would like these particles to add a number to a point attribute when they get close enough to that point. Also I would like this number that is added depend on the particles speed. Faster particles add higher numbers added.


The idea is to have "water" run over a surface and then "erode" the surface over time. So faster water would move more "sand" 


Any idea? Also does this make scene?


Cheers :)

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O shit son. You nailed it!. Now I need some time to pull what you did apart and figure out how it works. If you could please let me know that would be awesome.


I quick side question. Is there a way to take the information of the offset and save it out as a texture.


The idea is that when more "water" bunch up in a area then that area will be more "fertile". Alowing more trees to spawn. Areas with less "water" will spawn more rocks.

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