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Foam generation from Ocean Geometry


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Hey people! Recently I posted here asking suggestions on generating Gigantic Ocean Waves using geometries and people here were more than helpful. I am quite close to the result i.e, I will have a custom rigged ocean wave in a day or two. 


On to the next question that I wanted to ask. What would be the approach to generate particles from the geometry?! It's an ocean geometry so there is no flip involved and as a result there are no collisions. So what would be your approach to generate particles(foam) from this? I know I would need a trail SOP to compute velocity but what after that? How would you derive particles after? 


Ludwig Von was kind enough to share this paper with me which helped a lot in understanding a lot of concepts. 





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This thread could give you some ideas:




Hey Ryan! I did come across that thread yesterday but it mainly talks about how to generate patterns on the surface and similar techniques. 

What I have is a geometry moving across 3D space like a wave. See the screenshot below. And I want to generate foam where the wave is touching the ocean surface. 


EDIT - In short, I need to isolate the self intersecting area from that geo so that I have an area to work with to emit particles out from.


EDIT 2 - So whitewatersource node, I need to find a way so it takes into account the geometry. I have tried with computing velocity and building SDF but no luck. Any clues regarding this?




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i think based on the y pos you can isloate your part where you want to emit foam or spray particles, i still dnt know how you would go around with the curvature but y pos could be a kick start thing. 

Good luck


I did that using "invalid polygons" in PolyDoctor node. The node automatically calculates self intersecting areas and isolates them under the visualisation tab. Pretty neat trick. 

Now towards controlled particle emission. 

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