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Problem with normal points as voronoi fracture parts


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Hi all!
I have a problem with point normal.
In my scene I have a voronoi fractured object represented with one point per fracture. I simulate these points with POP sim, but I can't give a normal direction that follows an (alembic) animation (It's difficult to explain)
I attatch two screenshots and the basic scene.
Thanks in advance!




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Hi Cuenk89,


I'm not completely familiar with the old POP, but it looks like your particles are not inheriting velocity from your geometry (so no rotation). Normally a trail SOP will compute the vel you need, but I believe this has to be done before you polysoup the chain. I've attached your file with a small side chain attached that shows the workflow with the newer pop with adding a the trail sop and setting the particle to inherit velocity from souce inside the POP SOP.Test_particle_js.hip



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