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Generate two object nodes from the same curve?

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I have one root curve. I then need to sweep this curve with two different rib curves and have each of these two sweeps produce two separate objects.


How can I do that? How can I either:

A) Use the same curve in two separate object nodes.


B) Have one object node output two separate meshes, not merged.

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drop down two sweep nodes. pipe your "root curve" into the first input of sweep1 and sweep2. Connect unique rib curve 1 into second input of sweep 1. connect unique rib curve 2 into second input of sweep2.

On the output tab of the sweep nodes, set skin output to Skin Unclosed.



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Thank you for the response.


But that doesn't quite solve my issue. Both of the 'Sweep' nodes still exist under the single parent 'Object' node, resulting in one mesh/one object. I need this to end up as two separate 'Object' nodes. 


What I am creating here is a race track generator for Houdini Engine in Unity. One rib curve is the visible track, the other rib curve is the collision mesh. This is why they must come out as separate Object nodes. It seems there is no other way to get Houdini Engine to output two different objects. Or is there another way to accomplish this?

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Keep your original curve in it's own object. Then create the two objects you require and object merge into those the original curve as the first node. Then you can build two separate objects as you see fit but any change to the curve will be rippled to both results.

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