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Fiery Explosion


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Hi All,


How can I achieve more fiery looking explosion,like attached picture, I do not want fire turn to smoke quickly.

It's should be done in dopnet, or shading ?

Is there any similar topic here or any file would be great.


Thanks for your help




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There are loads of different ways to achieve this. You can try increasing your "Flame Height" and "Fuel Inefficiency"

Also I would turn on "advect fuel" at 0.5

Can you be more specific, what problems are you having with the Pyro solver?

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HI Bunker,


Thank you for the answer, I will try your suggestions definitely. I don't know how to be more specific :) 

All i want when fuel source start to burn, I do not want to fire turn to smoke quickly. how to retard it. something like in the picture


Thanks again



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Also, If you are not familiar with the shader;

The look up ramp in the temperature field tab of the shader is crucial to get a nice transparent fire.

Use blackbody coloring instead of a ramp and with a low temperature. Also use the re-map values on the temperature tab and increase the target max range if the look up ramp and is making your fire too thin and non visible

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