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Conveyor belt & Interaction with rigid bodyes


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Hi All.

I did simple rig of conveyor belt using Creep SOP. But interaction of this belt with rigid bodies is not correct. I turn  ON "Use deforming geometry" in Static object node of belt in auto DOP network. But rigid bodies has strange rotation. I understand why it happens. But i don't know how to resolve this problem. Сan anyone suggest another way to rig conveyor belt? (H15)



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I tried, but I'm a very beginner with H.


At first I though, hmmm using bullet with a concave object (the belt) is not a good idea.

So I tried to swith to RBD solver instead of bullet, but nothing good came out (always used bullet so far, so there's probably thing to know about using the RBD solver, that I don't know)


I also tried to fix the normal problem you have with your potatoes, but it didn't change the end result (jumpy potatoes on the belt)


be aware that the green collisions object you see in your hip file isn't the one used by bullet.


I also tried to give thickness to the belt, but it messed up the creep node, then I stopped.


Sorry, I'm no help, better wait for someone with experience to answer you.

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